Nutricia’s expertise in healthcare nutrition is deployed across four major categories.

ELDERLY CARE: Nutricia’s oral nutrition portfolio is primarily devoted to combating or preventing serious undernutrition among frail and elderly patients, and also includes specialised disease-specific solutions, for example in diabetes, respiratory disease, and in cancer care across all age-ranges

PAEDIATRIC CARE:  Nutricia has an exceptionally broad paediatric care portfolio, with nutrition focussed on helping parents to find answers – ensuring optimal growth for infants and younger children with physical or neurological challenges; or providing safe, complex amino-acid based formulae for children with complex cow’s milk allergy.

SUPPORTIVE AND CRITICAL CARE:  With a broad range of tube feeding options, medical devices and delivery solutions, Nutricia is able to serve patients of all ages and in all care environments. Nutricia tube feeds are found in the ICU and peri-operative wards, in recovery or in palliative care, and also in the home, where patients manage themselves or can be cared for by their loved ones.

METABOLIC CONTROL: Individuals with inborn errors of metabolism can look forward to a normal and active life, as long as the condition is diagnosed at or soon after birth, and as long as a strict and specialised diet is followed, thoughout childhood and youth, and into adult life. Nutricia’s extensive metabolics portfolio is designed to respond to the specific needs of every individual, no matter how rare their condition, and to support all consumers faced with the challenge of complying to a difficult regime.