Nutricia’s mission is to lead the use of advanced medical nutrition in disease management, and in this way to extend and complete Danone’s mission to bring health through food to the greatest number of people. Nutricia has been a specialised division of the international food company Danone since 2007.

Nutricia has been the pioneer of Advanced Medical Nutrition in Europe, and is rapidly expanding its services for patients across the world. We have developed a broad and unique portfolio of products for many classes of patients, and we seek to provide solutions and services wherever nutritional intervention can be shown to improve clinical outcomes. In partnership with doctors, healthcare professionals and caregivers, we work to make a real difference in people’s lives by speeding recovery and encouraging independence.

Products developed by our ground-breaking science teams have long been used to help people who cannot eat, who lack specific nutrients or who have special nutritional needs. The specialised nutrition of today can also help manage certain diseases, or even delay the progression of disease in patients. Our ambition is to deliver only proven benefits through nutrition, as an integral part of disease management.