Souvenaid is a new approach in medical nutrition for patients with early Alzheimer’s disease that has been clinically proven to improve memory in these patients. The concept behind Souvenaid is to provide early Alzheimer’s disease patients with a unique combination of specific nutrients to support synapse formation in the form of a convenient once-daily drink.

Evidence for memory improvement

Souvenaid is clinically proven to improve memory in early Alzheimer’s disease patients in double blind, randomized, controlled trials.

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How does Souvenaid work?

The unique, patented combination of nutrients supports phospholipid synthesis which is a key component in the process of neuronal membrane formation

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Product information

Souvenaid is a medical nutrition product for the dietary management of early Alzheimer’s disease, available as a convenient once-daily drink

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What is medical nutrition?

Medical nutrition provides patients with nutritional support for the management of a specific disease or medical condition.

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Nutritional requirements in Alzheimer’s disease

Specific nutrients are required to counter the effects of synapse loss in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Synapse formation

Synapse formation is dependent on the presence of key nutrients required for phospholipid synthesis.

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